About us

The Community Centre (Bygdegården) is a natural meeting space for the local community. It is a gathering place that is open to everyone – regardless of age, gender or faith – and grounded in democratic values.

The Community Centre

  • Is a general meeting space, set up by those who live in the neighbourhood
  • Welcomes everyone and is grounded in democratic values
  • Is run as a non-profit organisation
  • Is a place for meeting, learning, celebrations and culture is available for rent by the public

There are almost 1,500 community centres across Sweden, and most of them are located in the countryside. They are general meeting spaces for their local communities and are open to all.

Community centres often:

  • Host cultural events such as theatre productions, concerts, dance performances and film screenings
  • Organise celebrations and festivities, including Christmas markets and flea markets
  • Can be rented out by other associations, companies and private individuals
Six languages/Sex språk

In the leaflet (the PDF document below) you can read the description in Swedish, Arabic, Pashto, Persian, Soomaali and English.

I foldern finns beskrivningen på svenska, arabiska, pashto, persiska, soomaali och engelska.