Our Association

We are an association as well as some employers, who work on a voluntary basis in order to preserve, to run and to develop Horndal Works’ Park in Southern Dalecarlia.

In the park you find widespread green areas and several buildings. Among other activities we run a café during the summer. Here you also have the opportunity to play miniature golf and boules. Why not hire the works canteen for celebrations, conferences or meetings?

If you are interested in visiting our Works Museum, we offer a guided tour. Our phone number is +46226-40630 or cell phone +4670 438 77 12.

Activities and attendance of the park is arranged by the association’s board and members.
The community of Avesta provides economic aid – which is of vital importance for the survival of the park. Only by applying our energy and being creative we are able to preserve the park, develop activities and make it possible to restore the old buildings!