Our Area

Horndal, part of the community of Avesta, is situated at Lake Rossen, appr. 15 (English) miles north of Avesta in south-east Dalecarlia. Horndal is one of many communities in this area with an interesting history. Here you’ll find the remains of a 350 years old industrial epoch. Here you can see old buildings, in former times forming an integral part of the management of the iron foundry. The surrounding old park probably was laid out around the mansion, built in the year 1776.

Here you even find the outstanding ruin of a Lancareshire smith’s shop, shut down already in the year 1942. Today you still can see several hearths. Even a roll mill as well as other iron-industry-buildings belong to these interesting remains.

In the middle of the thirties the electrified mainline railway between Krylbo and Bollnäs was built and lead through Horndal. (Further description under HISTORY).

The school in Horndal is named after one of Horndal’s most important and known persons, Johan Olof Johansson (1874-1955), union leader, author and member of the Swedish parliament.